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Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Year and Counting

Finally up to date...

I cant believe it has been 2 1/2 months since I blogged last. There have been so many exciting events that have happened and I truly believe this parenting things gets better by the day! Here is an outline.
10-11 months
-Mommy and Daddy take a vacation to Paris and Nice. Daddy is gone for 14 days Mommy is gone for 8. Brock spends 1/2 the time at Nana and Papa's house and 1/2 the time at home with MiMaw. Both Joe and I missed Brock like crazy but truly had a fabulous time. I saw things I never thought I would be so lucky to see and it gave us an opportunity to have quality adult time together. Joe and I haven't had that much fun together since our Honeymoon.
-Brock's first Easter. Easter was spent at my parents house and my Grannie and Hopper were able to come in town to celebrate with us. It turned out to be a gorgeous day as we had so much fun. Brock played with easter eggs and rode around in his Radio Flyer wagon. He got not just one Easter basket, but 3!!! Shocking I know...
-Brock takes his first steps the Monday after Easter. Daddy stayed at home with Brock that day and got him to take a few steps on 2 different occasions. Throughout the month he takes a few steps here and there but can still get around quicker crawling so usually chooses that method. A lack of confidence more than anything.
-Brock gets 2 more teeth on top. Total of 6 now.

Loves this wagon!

11-12 months
-Brock is officially a walker!!! By his very beginning of his 11th month Brock has the walking thing all figure out! He can now walk quicker than he can crawl, so of course this quickly becomes his method of choice. No lack of confidence now, because walking turns to climbing in a short 2 weeks!
-Georgia and Melanie come to visit and we have our first bluebonnett pictures taken. Good thing, I hear they revoke your Texas citizenship if you fail to do this with your children.
-We had a loss of a pet :-( Joe's Bearded Dragon Archie died. Very sad because Brock really liked him.
-Brock gets an early birthday present form Mommy and Daddy. A playscape for the backyard! On the box it says for ages 2-6, well Brock is able to climb UP the slide on day one. I often wonder if I should have got the one for the 6-11 age range...
-We travel to Houston see go see The Freemans and Baby Jack and to go to Georgia's 3rd Birthday party. Jack is getting so big and Brock loves to play with him. Georgia's Birthday party was so much fun. It was at this play world place that I though would too old for Brock to enjoy. However, they had so much stuff for infants and toddlers, that he ended up having a blast! Brock's first Brithday Party was a total hit!
-We have a big Party at our house for Brock's First Brthday on Memorial Day weekend. Our theme was farm animals and my Mom brought over her miniature horse and miniature donkey. They were quite the hit and Brock just loves them! Tator Tot is the horse and Tiny Tiny is the donkey. We were so lucky to have some of our friends from out of town be able to make it as well as My Aunt Sherry, Uncle Tony, and Cousin Jesse from Arlington. Thanks to everyone who came! It meant a lot to us and we truly appreciate everything!

Brock and Archie

Brock (11 months) pushing Georgia (3 years) in his car!

First time to eat sweets! I think he liked it....

Sweet Georgia's Birthday Party

Brock teaching Baby Jack all about his jumpy!

12-13 months
Brock is talking for hours on end. It is the funniest thing to listen to because he it totally having a legit conversation with himself, and boy does he have a lot to say!! Unfortuniatley, we cant yet make out what it is that he is saying, but we talk right back to himand he seems to be satisfied. The words we can make out are: Mommy, Daddy, NaNa, MiMaw, PaPa, Bottle, Ball, Dirty, Dog, and Baby. He understand more than he can say for sure. He knows come here, go get the ball, he can sign all-done, and will smack his lips when you ask for a kiss (my favorite of course)!
Brock is off formula and drink regular whole milk now. He eats pretty much normal food and boy does he have a big appetite!! Brock is transitioning to one nap a day and this is going quite well. He was sleeping 1-1 1/2 hours twice a day, but is now sleeping 2 hours once a day, usually 11-1. He will occasionally take a short nap in the late afternoon but that isn't too typical. Brock is enjoying playing outside in the morning and evenings when it isn't too hot, and LOVES going to to pool or playing in the sprinkler in the yard. We have taken a couple trips out to the lake to go for a ride on Papa's boat. He has so much fun swimming in the lake and Mommy bought him a super stylish life jacket, I know you are shocked :-).
Joe is off the entire month of July and is anxious to spend a lot of time with little B. I have enrolled them in a 2 week swimming lesson class close to our house so am very excited about that. The class with be Mon-Thursday for two weeks. I will take him on Wednesdays but every other day Brock and Daddy will be hanging out with the Housewives of Cedar Park and their babies. :-)

Sometimes I really miss the 9lb. gorgeous baby boy that I brought home from the hospital. I miss napping with him, watching him sleep, and bonding while breastfeeding. However, seeing him turn into a toddler and become more independent with a true personality of his own, is the neatest thing. Joe and I are having so much fun with Brock and at least once a day find ourselves totally cracking up at him. Every day truly does keep getting better and better and being a parent is truly the greatest gift of all.

All smiles like this, all the time :-)
Too bad Brock doesn't like the water.....
New Police Car

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  1. I hands down totally agree with you- being a parent is one of the best gifts in the world!! Brock is just TOO freakin cute- and he's sooooo happy- Happy Birthday!! what a year- and man- how time flies when you are having fun!


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